Write Down Your Feelings

by Raquel

I usually write down all my feelings and then I think about them and put them in sentences and sing them out. My mother noticed this cause I did this since I was 5 and she had me write down what I was singing and before I knew it I was writing songs. So just scribble down your feelings like maybe a First kiss it can go like (happy, excited, surprised, fluttery feelings0 and write it in sentences like (His lips touched mine, I have butterflies inside me,I hope this is not a fantasy because I never want it to end) it may sound sucky but it helps. i wrote a song recently about a boyfriend who rudely dumped me and I just scribbled words and I''l share some of them ( I dont know what to f*'kin write, these lyrics i sing wont sound so right, you walked out the door and left me here to drown in my tears, you misused me and threw me away, well yes those jeans do make you look gay, and I lied when I said your shirt looked okay and hell no your hair does not look fine I was so stupid to believe you were mine,there goes my valentine) yeah they kinda suck but i was really p*ssed off he left me the day before valentines day

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