10 Secrets To Write A Hit Song

So you want to know the secrets to write a hit song. Well sadly there is no magical recipe to write a hit song but thankfully what I can give you is some proven great tips that will get you on your way.

  1. Jot It Down
    Jot down all that comes to you. Make a journal, note down your ideas, inspiration and emotions. This way you won't forget what you had in mind and they will come in use later too.
  2. Keep It Organized
    Once you have jotted down all the material that was in your brain, save it, keep it organized. This way you can use a song later. Not just that, you can even make a few changes in it.
  3. Originality
    Yes that's the key. No matter how bogus you think you sound, don't worry. If you're an original person, people will love you for it. But, you obviously need to give them material worth listening to, that makes sense and is understandable.
  4. The Length
    4 minutes is the most ideal length for a song. Make sure you don't make it very short or very long. When listeners like a song they wish for it to continue for a while, so they can enjoy their own emotions and feelings with it.
  5. Stick It In The Listener's Head
    The best way to put your song in the listener's head is to add a catchy and memorable chorus to it. But don't be too predictable. Give it a good rhythm and melody.
  6. Get Inspired, Don't Copy!
    You need inspiration to write a hit song. You don't write a song, because you have to write a song. Songs aren't written just for the sake of it. It's an inspiration waiting to be shared, an emotion waiting to be expressed, a chord waiting to be heard.
  7. Don't Break The Flow...
    You start hip hop and happy, you end mellow and sad. Don't do that! Don't break the flow of the song. Starting from a fast beat to ending the song with a very slow one might not really please the listener.
  8. Let's Get Technical
    Obviously a song cannot be written if the technical stuff is left behind. Chord progressions that make hits can be reused too. Look for songs that made it to the top charts and get an idea from them too. It will help.
  9. Criticize, Criticize & Criticize!
    By the time you get the hang of the songwriting process, you have learned enough to know where a song lacks. Listen to your own song as a listener, and you'll know what you missed and where you need to improve. A very good way of critically judging your own work is to leave it for a later revision and listen to it again after a while; this will help you more in catching your own mistakes.
  10. Practice Makes A Songwriter Perfect!
    Remember, the more you practice, the better you get. So, it's not a bad idea to keep re-recording and tweaking your songs until you write a hit song.

Well there you have it. 10 top tips to write a hit song. And the most important tip of all...Study the masters, they know what it takes to write a hit song so study learn from them.

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