VersePerfect Review

VersePerfect Review

verseperfectIf you are in a field which requires you to come up with creative rhymes, be it poetry for art or lyrics for commercial albums, Verse Perfect is the software suite to get.

Every poet knows that sometimes the best rhyming words just don’t pop up. Having a comprehensive database of words to trawl through to find the perfect word for your composition is a sure-shot way to beat the writer’s block, every time. Verse Perfect helps you do just this.

Bryant McGill, a writer himself, developed Verse Perfect. With its splendid dictionary of words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms, as well as powerful and intuitive tools to manipulate this vast database of information, finding a rhyme that perfectly matches your premise will never again be a problem. This program is a virtual guarantee against writer’s block! Every poet and songwriter’s turnaround time for a project is going to significantly reduce with the use of this software, not to mention the increase in the quality and richness of your poetry and songs. 

When writing a line using VersePerfect, on the left, you can see the syllable count and the number of your line in real time. As a result you can easily stick to meters and create lines with rhymes and rhythms that don’t sound forced. Rap Artists will find this feature extremely useful, since they often function to a tight rhyming structure.

On the right, you get a constant stream of words that rhyme with the word you’ve currently typed. This gives you a plethora of options to craft your next line.

Clicking on the Word Explorer tab at the top, you are taken to the entire database created around that particular word, which includes definitions, rhyming words, words nearest in meaning to that word, words which fit into a similar type, synonyms, antonyms, etc. 

You also get helpful links to Google, or Wikipedia, if the database of the program fails to satisfy you. You can automatically do a search for your word by simply clicking on these tabs with your word highlighted.  Besides this you get a choice of nearly 50 online dictionaries to dig for information on your particular word through the Online Lookup tab.

If you think that is awesome, the Hyperbolic Thesaurus will surely blow your mind away. Using the Hyperbolic Thesaurus you can visually explore how words of similar meaning are related to each other. Clicking on any of the connections takes you deeper into other new connections.

The Verse Forms panel is a god-gift for serious poets. This tab has a drop-down menu which lets you select a lyrical form. An outline is presented to you, that you need to fill with your imagination and the final output will be a poem in your chosen lyrical form!

A similar feature is the Rhyme Lines tab. This useful tab features lines from literature of renowned poets who have written lines containing the word you just typed. You will find this tab at the bottom of the screen. Talk about getting inspired! 

Whether you are a professional songwriter, or a poetically inclined college-student, VersePerfect is a powerful tool that will only enhance your pleasure as you embark upon a lyrical journey. Given the assurance of never getting stuck on a word again, and a constant stream of inspiration and information, any artist would jump at the chance to create natural sounding, free-flowing verse, and VersePerfect is just the software for it.

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