Take your time writing lyrics, its a process.

by Taylor
(Illinois )

I'm a lyricist, so writing lyrics Is what I do. The best way to write lyrics is think about something that Inspires you, something you wanna write about, such as partying, love, going to the beach, truck driving any thing that you want. The best way to stay focused on the topic your writing about Is to picture it in your head of what you see or what happens or how you feel. you can write it in the past, present or future anyway you want. The words don't always have to rhyme, as long as the story makes sense and people can understand it you should be okay, but some words do need to ryhme to keep the melody and music all together. I've wrote alot of songs for country music artists and been writing lyrics for a alot of years. It's a something you can't rush, if you write music and just throw words together that don't make alot of sense, chances are it's not going to be a hit song. So best advise take your time, do not rush. It's a process and once you start getting rhymes and a good story you'll have a good song, or could even get to the top of charts. You never know.

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