Steps to writing a song

by Izumi Koga
(Sierra Vista, Az, USA)

For those of us out there who can't play an instrument but still want to write a song. It might be without an instrumental but it will still have heart if you put your feelings and emotion into the lyrics.

Step 1: Why are you writing a song? If you are here writing a song just to look cool or you just want to put pretty words together this may not be the tutorial for you. Write what you can't speak, if there is a feeling inside you that you just can't put into words then sing them. A good step in writing a good song is to find out why you are even writing one

Step 2: What type of song is this? A love song? A song about getting pumped up? A song about being yourself? Or is it just a genuine song about your feelings. If your song doesn't have a base it won't make sense later on. Also if your song doesn't have any feeling to them it will turn out hollow.

Step 3: Write. Think of your answers to the questions above. If your writing a song about or for someone, think of them as well, and dont forget to add your own feelings. If your writing it about something or writing about yourself, no matter what you write about you have to add your own feelings, thoughts and emotions. For example, writing a song about your crush. Write about all the things you love about them, about how they do things, about your feelings for them, about things you've done together. Write about what you want to say to them or confess to them, and sing what you want to speak from your heart. Even if your writing about your boyfreind or girlfriend it still works. It could amount to a great song.

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