Tips For Starting A Song

So, you know you have a song inside of you, but you are unsure of how to go about starting a song? Don't worry, the following tips will show you exactly how it is done and have you well on your way in no time.

Five Tips For Starting A Song

  1. What is your message? Sure, every song doesn’t have a ground-breaking or thought-provoking message to it, but it at least has a theme of some sort. This theme is your message for the song and it should be apparent in the first verse of the song. If you don’t have one in mind before you begin, you should figure it out. It will keep you focused as you write.

  2. What is the mood of the song? Knowing the mood that you are going for can make a huge difference in terms of how easily you start the song, as, much like the theme of the song, it will keep you focused in your writing. The mood of the song lends to how the music should sound or how the lyrics should go.

  3. Who is the audience? Sure, this can mean who is going to be listening to the song, and that matters if you are writing for commercial reasons. However, more times than not, you are writing for personal and/or artistic reasons. What you really need to be considering here is who the song is addressing. If it is a love song for example, thinking about the person that you love will help to inspire your writing.

  4. Does everything flow together? You want to ensure that the music and lyrics not only fit together melodically, but that they also “match up.” The lyrics should convey the emotion behind the music and vice versa.

  5. Can you think clearly? If you are surrounded by distractions, it is going to be hard to get any writing done. Finding a quiet place away from others will keep your mind clear, allowing inspiration to flow more freely. This is absolutely critical to the songwriting process. Without the ability to allow your creativity to flow, the rest won’t matter.

So there you have it, five great tips to starting a song. Give these five tips a try and see for yourself just how easy it is to get started writing great songs.

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