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There's so much songwriting software available out there that no matter what situation you may find yourself in you will always be able to find the right tool for the job. Wether you want to write, record, edit, mix, master, notate or compose there is software out there for you. And I will help you find it.

Songwriting Software Reviews

Songwriting Software Reviews

There was a time when songwriters believed all you needed to write a song was a pen and paper. This is why when songwriting software first started being released it had a lot of nay sayers. And a lot to prove. Thankfully, it has.

Using software to write your songs allows you to keep everything organized in one place. As well as having all the other common tools used in songwriting, such as rhyming dictionary, thesaurus and chord charts. Everything you need, all under one roof!

Digital Audio Workstation Reviews

If you want to record your songs then you are going to need some kind of recording software. This is were a digital audio workstation (or DAW for short) comes in. A DAW is an electronic system designed purely for recording, editing, mixing and playing back digital audio.

Virtual Instruments Reviews

A virtual instrument is a software application that enables the user to produce or play sounds of various instruments on a computer, usually via a midi keyboard.

Composing & Notation Software Reviews

Composing & Notation software is great for composers, arrangers, and publishers.

What's The Best Songwriting Software?

masterwriterThrough the years I have tried out a lot of different software, some free and some paid. I can honestly say that only one stands out. That is Masterwriter.

MasterWriter 2.0 is the most powerful suite of songwriting tools ever assembled in one program. This revolutionary new software won Best of Show at MacWorld Expo and has received rave reviews in every major music magazine.

MasterWriter is endorsed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, NSAI and is currently used by some of the world's leading songwriters including Gwen Stefani, Rob Thomas, Jimmy Webb, Kenny Loggins, Trent Reznor, Clint Black, Jeffrey Steele, and many more.

In addition to giving you Rhymes, Close Rhymes, Phrases, Pop-Culture, Synonyms, and the Definition, new features include Word Families and Parts Of Speech, two unique and revolutionary reference dictionaries that will open up a new world of possibilities for descriptive words and ideas.

Also new is a complete searchable version of the Bible, Old and New Testaments. There have been updates and improvements to the existing features, including greatly expanded Sound-A likes (close rhymes), and a completely redesigned Interface which is re-sizable, with enhanced functionality and a faster load time. These are serious tools for the serious songwriter.


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