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Welcome to songwriting articles. On this page are some of the coolest free songwriting tips on the web to help you with your songwriting pursuits. They are many different topics covered such as; lyric writing tips, guitar theory lessons, make money writing songs, where to find inspiration, best home recording software, how to write a melody and many, many more.

So whatever your songwriting goal may be I'm sure you will find what you're looking for here in my collection of articles.

Newest Songwriting Articles

This is where you will find the newest and latest additions to world of songwriting.

The Most Popular Christian Songwriters

The Best Country Songwriters

History Of Rock N Roll

Musicians Quotes on Music


Songwriting Tutorials

All of the songwriting tutorials have been written out in an easy to follow format with lessons at the end of each, this allows you to not only study the topics but to also practice them out for yourself, and this makes your learning experience not only rewarding but also enjoyable.

Become Songwriter

100 Beginner Songwriting Tips

Song Writing Tips

The song writing tips section contains articles that cover the main principles regarding the craft of songwriting from guitar chord progressions to lyric writing tips.

Home Recording Studio Tips

Learning to record professional sounding records will play an essential part in your songwriting career. It will save you money and time doing it yourself and in the long run give you more opportunities for making money.

Audio School Online - The Top 3

How To Pick A Music Production School

California Music Production Schools

How To Make A Hip Hop Beat

Best Apps For Music Production

Music Business Tips

The music industry can be a harsh place at times but with the help of world of you can prepare yourself a bit better and avoid some of the pitfalls a lot of people fall into.

Music Industry Jobs

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