Rhythm In Music

"The Songwriters Guide to Drum Rhythm"

In this section you will learn all about rhythm in music. Drum rhythm in music is commonly referred to as being the backbone of music. It is the foundation from which melody and harmony is built upon.

basics of rhythmTo get an understanding of the power of rhythm you only have to look to your own experiences.

How many times have you heard a song and started tapping your foot along to the beat without even realizing you were doing it? I'm guessing at least a few times!

Well that is the power of a great drum rhythm and that is what you should strive for when writing music.

The rhythm of a song is mainly defined by the drums and provides the groove by which the other instruments will play along to.

Some songwriters don't realize the full potential of adding a great drum rhythm to their songs, (especially songwriters that are first off, singers, guitarists and pianists) and I also fell into this trap at the start but after years of writing and playing I came to realize just how important a great drum rhythm is. Having a great groove in your song is essential if you want your song to be infectious.

The articles below will take you through everything you need to know about rhythm and creating killer drum beats for your songs.

Learn All About Rhythm In Music:

definition of rhythmDrums And Rhythm For The Songwriter
This guide will take you through the 3 main aspects of drum rhythm which are the time signature, the tempo, and the pulse. Find out more about drums and rhythm...

think like a drummerHow to Think Like a Drummer
In order to create killer drum beats for your songs you need to get inside the mind of a drummer. Step inside the drummers mind...

drum tabReading Drum Tabs 101
Drum transcriptions, also called drum tablature or simply drum tab, are a handy way to not only learn a drum part from a song, but also to keep up with exactly what you played on something you have written. Learn how to read and write drum tab...

midi drum tracksCreating MIDI Drum Tracks For Your Songs
Maybe you don’t have a band yet, or maybe you just want to be a one man band. Regardless of the reason, creating midi drum tracks is easy to do and I will show you how. Learn all about creating midi drum tracks here...

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