How To Overcome Writers Block

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So you want to know how to overcome writers block? Well all the answers are right here.

Writers block is when the brain just goes blank and you lose your ability to produce new creative work. In order to overcome writers block you need to make a simple shift in your mind-set. Have you heard about left-brain, right-brain before?

It is the way in which our brains work to perform everyday tasks, the left side of the brain being more analytical and precise, the right more creative and free.

Well this is just one of the many simple techniques you can use to overcome writers block. Simply by shifting which side of the brain we use can break down the walls of writers block and help us find our inspiration again.

The ten tips below will show you exactly how to overcome writers block and get the creative juices flowing.

How To Overcome Writers Block - 10 Tips

  1. Brainstorming - There is no better way for beating writers block than the good old trusted method of brainstorming. This technique is great for generating ideas. So how does it work? Well lets say you can't finish off your lyrics, or maybe haven't even started yet. What you need to do is grab a piece of paper and write the main theme of your song in the centre of it. Then write down any words associated with the main theme word around it.

  2. Other-Hand Writing - So you're writing your lyric and you have it all done except for one line. Try transferring your pen from your dominant hand to your non-dominant one. Your writing may look messy but the potential discoveries will more than compensate.

  3. Free Writing - Free Writing is great for inspiration ideas. When your stuck in left brain mode and being to too analytical, it's time to switch things up. While thinking about your songs theme start writing without lifting your pen from the paper. Don't criticize, edit, or evaluate your work. There's always time for that when you're finished. Doing this allows your brain to switch into right brain mode and thus accessing spontaneous associated ideas.

  4. Meditate - When you have a lot going on in your life, and your head is packed full of life's little problems, it can seriously effect your creativity. Meditation can really help in letting go of unwanted thoughts and feelings, freeing up your mind, getting it into a more creatively productive state.

  5. Start off with a cliché - You are probably thinking to yourself “there is no way that I am doing this, my song is going to be unique.” Sure, you pride yourself on your originality and you want your song to be something different. Don’t worry, you don’t have to keep the cliché. The idea is that it will give you something to build off of. Once the cliché has you writing, you can continue to write something unique and remove the cliché.

  6. Borrow a melody - As with the previous tip, this isn’t something you want in your finished song, but it is good to get you started. Perhaps you don’t have the melody worked out properly in your head from the start. Borrowing a melody from another song can bring lyrics to you easier. You can then come back with your own melody afterwards and make any necessary changes to your phrasing so that it fits into your own, original work.

  7. Learn something new - This one is particularly good if you play an instrument such as the guitar or the piano. By learning a new song, you may stumble upon a new chord or melody that you never knew you were looking for, which in turn leads to you suddenly knowing exactly what you want to write.

  8. Force yourself to write - Regardless of how terrible it turns out, if you make yourself write something, anything, then it will do a great deal of good. You can at least say, “I have written something” and not have the mental block of feeling that you can’t write at all right now.

  9. Find something else to do creatively - Perhaps you do art, whether traditional or digital. Maybe you build things. Whatever it is, find something else that you do that involves you making something. This will, much like the previous tip, help with the mental block of feeling like you aren’t creative right now, not to mention that it will give you new inspiration.

  10. Find a new medium for expressing yourself - If you normally write songs with a pen and paper then why not try using a computer instead. Or maybe you always start your songs by noodling on a guitar, if this is the case, try using a different instrument. You get the idea anyway, sometimes you just need to toss things up a bit.

Well there you have ten great tips to overcome writers block, the days of sitting there staring blankly at a blank page are over.

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