My Tips For Writing Songs, Poetry, Short stories, Lyrics

by Allen Paulson
(25 27 Des Plaines Ave, North Riverside, Illinois 60546 U.S.)

My tip for songwriting, poetry writing, short story writing, etc. I try to relax my body as much as possible by taking a very hot bath until my body is relaxed and this frees up my mind for creative thoughts and ideas, and I have found that I have written some of my best writings through this process. I also have been experimenting with reflexology which releases hormones in your brain and glandular system and before doing for the first time, I could never write a short 1,000 word story but after doing this, I wrote 5 great short stories accepted online. Buy a body reflexology book, and stimulate all your glands so your brain and body will be at peak performance in creativity and thinking. Hope this helps you. I also think of great titles and start writing from there letting my mind take me where I want to go changing direction when I want to. Thank you much.

Allen Paulson

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