My Songwriting Style - Songwriting Techniques

by Rob
(England, UK)

Me and my band write songs in a slightly different way, we have no idea what we're going to write about most the time when we're writing the music!

What I do first is come up with a riff. Don't force yourself to come up with a riff though, just let it come to you naturally, that way it will be better. I find if you force riffs, they most often end up being pretty rubbish.

Once I have my riff, I then start building a structure around that riff.

Depending on what my riff sounds like, I'll use it as the intro, the verse, the chorus, the bridge/breakdown, or the outtro. Once I've worked out where my riff goes, I start adding the other riffs. Again, I don't force myself to come up with these riffs, I just let them come to me.

Then, once that's done, I show the completed song to the band, where it's tweaked until we have the completed version.

Once that's done, we make a start on writing lyrics. When I write lyrics, I like to draw them from personal experience/how I'm feeling at the time. E.g. Me and my girlfriend broke up fairly recently, so a lot of my recent lyrical output has been based around that most recently.

I work out the melody as I'm going along with the song, but here's the biggest obstacle I have when writing lyrics: rhyming. I used to always try my best to make my songs rhyme.

However, more recently, I've been just been writing what comes to mind and not focused on rhyming unless I can think of something really good to rhyme with, and it has made my lyrics a little better since I'm not restricting myself to only using words that rhyme.

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