My Bff loves my boy

by Camryn

1.I wrote this song because my bff has a crush on the guy i love.

2. you don't need to know how to play an instrument , your voice is your music,it's an instrument!
3. Find a topic and title. The two T's (TT) My number one is my topic.
4.add your lyrics. It has to do with your topic.You can't have a good song without lyrics (not the classy stuff with the violins and crap)Like mine i would make lyrics about how my bff likes my crush. your progress and put it all together! you got a song

~Live A Dream~


Oh oh oh ohhhohh, My boy has an effect on me but my boy always sees through me But now i have a bigger problem my best friend is dropping me to the bottom and i cant love him but i dont wanna lose him Oh oh oh ohhhohh <3 not all but short thing

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