Creating MIDI Drum Tracks for Your Songs

There are many different reasons for wanting to create MIDI drum tracks, maybe you don't have a band, or maybe you just want to write a full song by yourself for demonstrative purposes.

Regardless of the reason, in our current day and age, there are a lot of options out there these days that sound very professional, compared to just 15 years ago when you would have had to have used a drum machine that sounded like garbage.

So, consider yourself lucky.

Getting Started With MIDI Drum Tracks

Now, your MIDI drum software will likely come with some very good pre-programmed patterns and drum loops that you can use. As handy as that may be, chances are you are going to want to write your own patterns. You are, after all, the creative sort.

Below is an example of what creating a MIDI drum track on your computer will look like. Just a simple bit of programming and sequencing.

midi drum tacks

Programming Your First Beat and Making it Sound Real

Now, chances are that your first drum pattern is going to come out sounding very mechanical. Don’t worry over this too much though, you can make it sound more life like with a few tweaks. Namely, you want to work on the velocity and timing to give the pattern some dynamics.

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