Melody In Music

music melodyMelody In Music can be defined as a sequence of single notes, usually in the same key, that produce a musical motif or phrase.

Sounds straightforward, but to this day, an aspect of writing songs that a lot of songwriters struggle with. But by spending just a little bit of extra time learning a few melody writing tips you can take your melodies from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

So whatever you want to create a melody line for; be it the vocals, the guitar, the piano, or whatever, the articles below will show you everything you need to know to create memorable melodies.

what is inspiration1. Melody In Songwriting - The Basics
There are several key factors that are constant when it comes to writing great melodies. This article will show you the basics of what makes a great melody. Read more about the basics of melody in songwriting...

how to get inspiration2. How To Put Chords To Melody
So inspiration struck and you have come up with a killer melody in your head that you love but don't know how to put a chord progression to it. Click here to learn the tricks of putting chords to melody...

what is inspiration3. How To Write A Vocal Melody
So, you have written an amazing musical composition, and need some great lyrics to go along with it. There is just one problem: You have no idea how to put the lyrics to a melody. Read more about creating great vocal melodies here...

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