Make A Song On Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to the make a song on guitar songwriting lesson.

The guitar is a great instrument to use for writing songs and a lot of songwriters gravitate towards it, mainly due to its simplicity and identifiable sound. This lesson will show you how to easily make a song on guitar.

So, no more getting tangled up in the guitar strings or getting frustrated not knowing where to go next. If you have a basic knowledge of playing chords on guitar then you should have no problem with writing a song on guitar.

The following 5 steps will show you how to make a song on guitar.

Writing A Song On Guitar Is Easy...Let Me Show You How:

  1. To make a song on guitar the first step is to decide on the song key you want to play your song in.  Typically but not always, the chord that is played first identifies the key of the song.

  2. Once you have picked the key for which your song will be in you need to then establish which chords you can use for the given key. Below is a chart showing you which chords can be used in a given key.
    chords in a key

  3. OK, so you have the key of your song and you know which chords you can use, the next step in writing a song on guitar is to determine what kind of structure your song will have. This will give you a sort of blueprint to work to. Here is a list of the most common song structures used.
  4. Now you have all the "logistics" worked out it's time to start creating chord progressions for each of the different song parts. Now there are different ways of doing this step. You can create one chord progression and use that for the entire song or you can use different chord progressions for each song part, it's up to.

    But, lets say for example you picked the verse/chorus song form and you want each section of the song to have a different chord progression then you would need to create a chord progression for an intro, verse, chorus and outro.
  5. Once you have chord progressions for each of the song parts then all you need to do is piece it all together by playing your song from start to finish, listening carefully to see if it all gels together nicely.

So there you have it. That's how easy it is to create a song on the guitar. 5 simple steps to writing a song on guitar. Happy songwriting!

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