Logic Pro 9 Review

Logic Pro 9 Review

Apple released its separate flagship Logic Pro 9 selling it only for $199 – a knock off from its original Studio package of $499 through App store. Logic Pro 9 has truly set the standard for music making.  Its sheer power, plug-in, audio loops bundle, and overall flexibility are some of the key highlights of the software that made it to the Editor’s Choice of PC MAG. 

Logic Pro 9 ReviewAnother level up for the Logic Pro 9 is the installation which according to MAC users is a breeze which is common for MAC apps. No manual is needed to set up Logic Pro 9. 

Although it is quite different compared to Avid Pro Tool 10 and Steinbergs Cubase 6.5 where both applications require a PACE iLok key and a proprietary eLicenser key before installation of the software. Plus, no copy protection is required when you install the Logic Pro 9 - which is a Godsend.

But how easy is it to start making music using the Logic Pro 9?
It is said that Logic Pro 9 lets you streamline and tap into various collection of instruments, sounds, and loops to get started with your recording in an instant without any additional hardware.

Also, using the Logic Pro 9 templates gives aspiring and celebrated musicians a great way to explore sounds that helps them to track, edit, mix, or master a large-scale project in an instant.

You can also try their Selective Track Import that lets you reuse your favorite recordings and settings from your previous projects. Time is spared as you no longer have to rebuild your sounds from scratch every time you create your music.

When the day is done, Logic Pro 9 even lets you organize your own plug-ins neatly. User settings, including custom-saved presets for plug-in settings, in tough-to-find folders deep within Library/Application Support can be saved with the Logic Pro 9. 

Best of all, Logic Pro 9 helps you stay focused and be creative while doing complex edits on your music. Now, advancing your way to create a musical masterpiece is never too far away with the help of Logic Pro 9. 

So what is the clear advantage of using Logic Pro 9 over other songwriting software? 
Although the MAC sound system software isn’t always perfect, the music created with the Logic Pro 9 blends well with the MAC’s sound system because it enables you to configure audio interfaces. 

Another advantage is you can use the built-in sound card giving you a clean sound that is best for virtual instrument playback with low playback latency. The downside of this is that Logic Pro 9 is only available for MAC users – PC not available since 2002 when MAC bought E-magic. So, music aficionados who vie to set their sights in the music industry using the Logic Pro 9 software may be disappointed. 

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