Little of my rap song

by Terri JJ

I'm down for the action, he smart with his mouth so smack em

You holdin a strap, he might come back so clap em
React like a gangsta, die like a gangsta for actin
Cuz you'll get hit & homicide'll be askin, "Whut happened?"
OH NO look who clapped em with the FO'FO'
20 inch rims sittin low-pros NO CHROME
Eastside, Westside ALL KNOW,IM LOCO
Even my mama said, "Something really wrong with my brain"
don't rob me they know I'm down to die for my chain
TMDyeah) We get it poppin in the hood
TMD(yeah) Motherbanana whuts good?
I'm waitin on to act like they dont know how to act
I had a sip of too much Jack, I'll blow em off the map
With the mack, thinkin its all rap
Til that $HIT get clapped and Doc say "It's a wrap"

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Dec 30, 2012
Good job!
by: Anonymous

I like the lyrics! keep up the good work!

Sep 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

Sounds great, i can already hear this being played on the radio ! Keep it up man! Awesome job!

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