Learning Scales - Without The Heartache!

Nearly every beginner songwriter I know hates learning scales and practicing them, they would much rather just sit around all day writing music and playing with their home recording studio computer!

But, alas, it's not all fun and games this life as a songwriter, sometimes you actually have to do boring things. And it doesn't get much more boring then taking the time to learn scales!

Reasons To Learn Scales

If it's boring then why do we need to learn scales? Well here are some very good reasons that might help motivate you:

So as you can see there are some really good reasons for you to learn scales so it's not all doom and gloom. And in order to make it seem like less of a choir just follow some of the simple tips below and before you know it you'll have finished your practicing, improved your songwriting skill, and have happily returned to your throne before your studio monitor.

3 Tips To Learning Scales

  1. Keep It Short But Often - You don't need to spend hours learning your scales everyday. 10 - 15 minutes every 2 days will be more than enough to keep you on top of your game. Keeping it short will make it more appealing to do because you know it will all be over soon.
  2. Learn Scales In Bitesize Chunks - When learning your scales take it at a few notes at a time. This will help it sink in easier and will stop you feeling flustered.
  3. Sing/Hum Along To Each Note - This is great technique that really improves your ear. So basically you're killing two birds with one stone; developing your ear and improving your musicianship! Great, I love when things work out like that, don't you?
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