How To Write Songs

These tips and advise will help with biginners or anyone who just needs advise.

Step 1. Ok, first you need to focus and concentrate on one particular object. Like what your song's going to be about. For example: "Break Up", "Love" Etc... So usually I pick "Break Up" or "Love" songs, but I really try to mix and match.

Step 2. Once you've found a subject that suits you, It's time to get the right melody and rhythms. So say you chose a "Love" song, envolving finding the right person in your life, then you need a happy tune. Check out some love songs and see how the tunes fit in with the lyrics and subject. Here are some "Love" and "Break Up" songs to start you off and help you:
"Thousand Years" By Christina Perri
"Missing You" By The Saturdays
"Only Girl in The World" By Rihanna
"Love on Top" By Beyonce
"Fight For This Love" By Cheryl Cole
Break Up
"Homeless" By Leona Lewis
"Careless Whisper" By George Michael
"Rolling in The Deep" By Adele
"Someone Like You" By Adele
There's a good choice of songs there for you to choose.

Step 3. After you've heard at least a few of those songs, you should have a good idea on what your song's going to sound and be like. Once you have, keep in mind that most songs mostly ryhme, so yours can if you want or not. Make sure there'll be a verse, chorus and bridge. Usually songs are in this order: Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus (x2)You can choose wheather you want to do the last chorus 2 times or not. Hope this helpes!

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