How To Write Music Using Song Keys

song keyHow To Write Music Using Song Keys

Confused about song keys? Have you heard someone say a song was "In the key of C" and not known what they were talking about?

You're not alone; a lot of beginner songwriting struggle to come to grips with song keys when they're learning how to write songs.

It can be a complicated subject but if you just get your head around the basics you'll be doing great, and who knows what possibilities it will "unlock" in your songwriting.

What Is The "Key Of A Song?"

To keep things nice and simple the key of a song is basically the foundation of notes from which you can build your song. Therefore if a song was said to be "in the key of C" it would mean the C note would be the root note, you would use the C major scale and also the chords contained in it.

How To Write Music With The Help Of Song Keys

Sticking to the notes contained within the scale for constructing your chords will make your chord progressions sound harmonically pleasing to the ear. This of course does not mean you have to stick to these chords only; they are merely the ones that will work best harmonically.

chords in a keyOn the chart to the right you will see exactly what chords you can use in the C major scale. It shows the chords constructed using 3, 4 or 5 notes. If you write a chord progression using any of these chords it will sound great.

To get a better understanding of these chords relationships you should take a look at the circle of fifths. This is an essential tool that every beginner songwriter should learn.

And when it comes to writing your melodies if you use the notes of the C major scale over these chords it will work perfectly. Why? Because all off these chords are made up using the notes of the major scale.

Try It For Yourself

  1. Learn The Formula - This formula stays the same no matter what music key you're in so learn it off by heart. Using extended chords will add new flavours to the sound of your music. That is all you need to know about how to write music using song keys.
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