How to write a song:)

by Sandra

If you guys ever want to write a song, you would most likely write about love . That is where the people are going to go for. Also it would be stuck in your head. Have you ever had a song or a tune stuck in your head? Well have you ever thought that song or tune was about love? Think about Rebecca black she writes different and she is NOWHERE!! See just start with these easy tips.

First you should have a notebook just in case the tune gets stuck in your head.
Second you should write about what have you experienced in your life.
Third write about your feelings, emotions. And ect.
Fourth if you are a girl write about a boy sees you in class. If you are a guy write about how you see a cute girl sitting in her desk, or something like that.
Fifth make sure the song is not like 30 seconds long or 8.46 seconds long like American pie

I really hope you guys have a blast writing these songs and I hope you guys come really big stars.( I'm trying that dream too for myself) so you go out there write your heart out show the world that YOU are very talented!!
Bye hope you have a great day!!!:)

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