How To Write A Song

Learn the secrets to writing a great song

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This lesson will show the beginner songwriter how to write a song.

Keep in mind there is no one set way of learning how to write a song, every songwriter has a different process, but for the sake of the beginner songwriter I'm going to explain how I write my songs. Then as you begin to write more and more songs of your own you will find your own method that works best for you.

How To Write A Great Song...

Step 1. What do you want to write about?

Before you start messing around with chords and melodies, I find it helpful to have an idea of what I want to write about, this helps me stay focused on one subject and stops my song veering off in too many directions.

Step 2. Get A Chord Progression

So now that you know what you want to write about it's time to get a chord progression together. You have two options.

  1. Play the same chords for the entire song i.e. same chords for verse, chorus etc.
  2. Play different chords for verse, chorus, bridge etc.

Both options work perfectly and many successful songs have been written using both methods. Here's some examples you should take a listen to:

"All Along The Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix
"With or Without You" by U2

"Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey
"Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" by John Mayer

So lets say you want to use a different chord progression for verse, chorus and bridge. This means you need 3 different chord progressions. Great stuff! Lets start with a verse.

In order to write chord progressions we need to pick a song key. If you don't know how to pick a song key read "how to write music using song keys".

So lets say we are in the key of C. For a start, this means we can play "C major, D minor, E minor, F major, G major, A minor". All you need to do is play around with these chords until you find a progression you like. When you find one, that's your verse. Do the same for your chorus and bridge (if you have one).

That's the foundation for your song down, now you can start working on melodies and lyrics.

Step 3. Creating A Melody

I like to write my melody, well at least a rough version of my melody, first. The reason for this is that when you have a melody sometimes the lyrics just write themselves, certain words have a natural rhythm and melodic tone.

Coming up with a melody is easy enough. Just play your chord progression and hum notes over it. You start to hear a melodic phrase come to life. Sometimes it might take a couple of re-writes but keep at it until you find something you're happy with.

Step 4. Add lyrics To Your Melody

It's time to bring your melody to life by adding lyrics. Read "How To Write Song Lyrics" for some great tips on writing lyrics.

Learning how to write a song is a very individual process so just trust your process and let your creativity flow. There is no right or wrong way of how to write a song so just practice different songwriting techniques and with time, trial and error, you will find your own way of writing songs.

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Songwriting Tips From Other Visitors

Sing dont think 
just start singing randomly and record yourself without even noticing,,, thats how i wrote call me maybe... :) - Carly Rae Jepsen

Song writing techniques 
i think it is cool to write a song in peace and quiet and write ideas down before starting your song.

Where I Write Songs 
i like to sit somewhere quiet and get everything out of my head. a beach or at the park. if i am in a bad mood i will walk to the beach and sit and write …

Electric Celebrity  
I wrote this song based on the song Celebrity Status by Marianas Trench. Step 1 Think of many things about songs you have listened to and have enjoyed …

sharing our tips 
You have to feel what you are writing about...... if its not something true than its not something you should write about thinks of some one important …

song writting tips title Not rated yet
step 1. choose a title first thing you do is choose a title and to do this you think of what your song is about.

how i write a song  Not rated yet
Step 1: to start with get a sheet of scrap paper, and write down what u want to write your song about(love, breakups, friendships etc.) Step 2: start …

how i write my songs Not rated yet
if you write in a diary/journal you can put the lyrics together using your diary/journal it works,because it is easier to write songs using your feelings …

My Songwriting Style - Songwriting Techniques Not rated yet
Me and my band write songs in a slightly different way, we have no idea what we're going to write about most the time when we're writing the music! …

Song Writing Tips Not rated yet
To write a song,you must feel the emotion of the song. For example, if you are writing a sad song, then you must feel sad in order to write an emotional …

how your voice should be like Not rated yet
If your going to write a song you need to have a good voice. Like if you love rock maybe you should have a powerful voice but if you love slow songs …

tee hee Not rated yet
write a poem and make sure it is super long, then add music. That is what we do. From 1D.

my songwriting tip Not rated yet
make sure you know exactly how you want it to sound, like hum or something because i wrote a song and i have the beat and everything and my band helped …

Lili's songwriting advice Not rated yet
Think of questions for the point of the song, and just simply answer them throughout the song! You could also think of where the song setting is and …

Writing a song! Not rated yet
Hi for me writing a song may be tricky but all i do is just get a tape recorder and record myself singing some random lyrics and then i put some lyrics …

Good songwriting ideas Not rated yet
I agree with your ideas. I know how to write music but I am just short on ideas for theme music for my own show. Great site!

How to right a song from your heart Not rated yet
The best way to learn how to right your own song is to right about what you love, it might be saying good times with family, friends and other close people …

Just sing it Not rated yet
I live on a farm so naturally I have to do chores so whenever I am out side doing the chores I often catch my self just sing random words and just making …

songwriting tip Not rated yet
basicly what you want to do is think about something that inspires you, or something that has recently left you feeling sad or lonly and write about that.put …

Need help writing a song? Not rated yet
Think about your life and all the drama , love , and feelings

Lyric writing Not rated yet
A good tip is to write the ltrics too the song before the melody , that way you can get the mood of different parts of your melody to fit the mood in your …

dont stop lovin Not rated yet
when your writing a song keep on your subject.I always like to picture myself in the song that way I can make sure it makes sense.

I hate boys  Not rated yet
I made up a song by using a rhyme dictionary it really worked. First I put dOwn Ideas Second. I found rhyming words Third I put feelings in …

Get the tune Not rated yet
i find its easier to listen to a song of the type you want to right and then just sing with the melody in your head. you should also record it incase its …

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My tips Not rated yet
.Write in a quiet spot .Make sure your lyrics matches beats .For sad songs use low instruments e.g Piano and oboe .For happy songs use jumpy beats …

Fantem Cello Not rated yet
I reccomend writing about something real like friends, or what you do, or maybe just about life. All those songs about money,cars,clothes,and crap like …

stop and just write Not rated yet
you don't need to play an instrument to write a song. You don't need to think you don't need to relax in fact what i do is i write songs when im incrediblly …

Popping into your head Not rated yet
Sometimes when I am thinking about a certain subject, meaningful lines pop into my head. I end up writing those lines down. When I do write them down, …

Ask before you share your music Not rated yet
Ask someone to read your song and ask them what they think. If they like it you can post it on the internet. If they don't like it do some editng to it …

How I Write A Song - Peace & Quiet  Not rated yet
When ever I write a song I go to my room and make sure that there is peace and quiet so that I can focus on my thoughts and feelings.

From what I see Not rated yet
I like to start a song maybe from the view I'm seeing. Like maybe your in the country and you see something beautiful and then you can start a song describing …

It is so easy to write song lyrics !!  Not rated yet
when you write song lyrics you have to try and let your mind express itself and think of random things ... you also need a main theme for your lyrics …

It is so easy to write song lyrics !!  Not rated yet
when you write song lyrics you have to try and let your mind express itself and think of random things ... you also need a main theme for your lyrics …

Steps to writing a song Not rated yet
For those of us out there who can't play an instrument but still want to write a song. It might be without an instrumental but it will still have heart …

How to write a song:) Not rated yet
If you guys ever want to write a song, you would most likely write about love . That is where the people are going to go for. Also it would be stuck in …

My Tips For Writing Songs, Poetry, Short stories, Lyrics Not rated yet
My tip for songwriting, poetry writing, short story writing, etc. I try to relax my body as much as possible by taking a very hot bath until my body is …

how to get lyrics into motion Not rated yet
when you're trying to write a song come up with ryming words and lines that match the topic of you'r song (:-D!!!!

Anyone Can Write A Song Not rated yet
If you want to write a song, but don't think you are musical enough, think again! Any one can write a song if they want to, just find a chord you like …

Writing Songs From The Heart Not rated yet
I like writing songs about how I feel. So basically a good time to write a song is when you feel so in love or really angry and when you are feeling something, …

How I Write Songs Not rated yet
keep my mind open. remember to always write ideas down. think of everything in life. relax in a chair were its quite.

Smile for Me Not rated yet
I think if you want to be a popstar or whatever you should follow your dreams. My dreams are to become a pilot or publish a song. So if you have a dream, …

Song Structure Not rated yet
Depending on what kind of song i am writing What helps me write my songs is having 3 or 4 lines in each verse. I also find it easier to have 4 lines in …

Rhyming Not rated yet
Trying to make a song rhyme in some partss is also a good technieque. coz that's what helps me write my songs.

Motavation Not rated yet
Find something that makes you think deeply like music or reading or anything because if you listen closely you'll find that all songs have a hidden behind …

Just Go Free Not rated yet
Your lyrics will flow to you and all you have to do is Sit down and relax. What your feeling is your song.

alone Not rated yet
just think of insprations of your life first do your verse 1 then chorus then verse 2 verse 3 then chorus then chorus verse 4 then verse 5

HOW TO WRITE A SONG Not rated yet
If you ask me, to write a song isn't that hard it's pretty easy usually all you need to do is write down what comes out of your heart then write it on …

When writing a song...... Not rated yet
It's easier for me to write about past events that played a role in my life, such as my first breakup..

a good tip Not rated yet
now if you want to write a song but dont know what to write about then think of some random words that come into your head and write them down then try …

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SONG WRITING!  Not rated yet
I have only started writing song's and I am 11 years old and I have written about 3-4 songs and I like to sit in my bed and write my song then I practice …

Sing and publish it. Not rated yet
Sing and make your final touches. Then put it on the internet or radio my suggestion is to put your song on youtube and/or Facebook.

Your song Not rated yet
If you are writing a song it is easier to write a song on something that has happened to you, not exactly what did happen but based on something you have …

Melody Help Not rated yet
I have no problem with lyrics. My problem is with melody. Can Someone help me on how to come up with the melody?

How to rhyme your song Not rated yet
1. I like to write a song based on my fellings, what happened to me during the day or I just pick a topic that I feel I know a lot about. 2. Then I brainstorm …

my song tips Not rated yet
When i write songs i have a lot of paper and pencils and i write about whats going on in my head!! 1) You want to be sure that u know that ur voice …

show emotion Not rated yet
put feeling into your song!!! also pick something that's on your mind. Like the mood your feeling sad,happy or confused.

My Bff loves my boy Not rated yet
1.I wrote this song because my bff has a crush on the guy i love. 2. you don't need to know how to play an instrument , your voice is your music,it's …

How I write my song/title. Not rated yet
The way I do it is when I'm listening to my favorite song. In the song I get inspriation from that lyric for my song. From what I learned you don't have …

meditate for lyrics Not rated yet
just think deeply for a while about your feelings and spill them onto a page. it doesnt have to look like a song. you can do that part later. just describe …

How to Write a Song Lyrics Not rated yet
1. Think of a subject that you want to write. 2. Choose your tune of the song.Suppose you write a sad song, then you may have a slow and gentle tune. …

Tips 4 kids 2 write a song Not rated yet
1) Is it going to be sad or happy song? 2) If you're happy make it fast and up tempo, if sad make it slow and down beat 3) Tell the truth: dont make …

How To Write Songs Not rated yet
These tips and advise will help with biginners or anyone who just needs advise. Step 1. Ok, first you need to focus and concentrate on one particular …

Make sure it's from your heart. Not rated yet
Never ever create or preform something not from your heart. If it isn't you it isn't right, but don't think you can't change your sound, just make sure …

Melodies Not rated yet
if you have a toon stuck in your head that no on e has heard before, drop everything and start writing lyrics to it

how to keep the feeling Not rated yet
make sure that your song makes you feel how you want the audiece to feel when you sing it

how to relate to your song Not rated yet
compare the lyrics to your life and try to be apart of the world your song creates

How to make a Chord progression on piano Not rated yet
Its simple, Just play notes you like and play them together into a pattern. do you like it if yes. stop or continue on. if no keep trying.

How To Write A Song  Not rated yet
Express what you are feeling, its like telling a story. It can be about your life or someone elses. First you need words what ryme and mean something then …

sharing our tips Not rated yet
You have to feel what you are writing about...... if its not something true than its not something you should write about thinks of some one important …

Writing the topic Not rated yet
If you go to write a song for a band try writing together have someone to pick the topic then have someone to write the rough draft and for the last step …

song witting tips Not rated yet
step 1 dont think just write step 2 get a emotion involved step 3 edit and get a friend to edit step 4 create the actual music part step …

other songs.. Not rated yet
listen to at least 5 of your most loved songs... then get a few words that you want to use in your song or 1 sentace per song.. it will help you alot.. …

find a title  Not rated yet
grab a book, magazine or paper and wiz through and scan some words (titles) and write some down and mix them up and there you have it

Tips about How to write a great song Not rated yet
1. Think of a tune 2. If something bad,happy,or even difficult happened to you use that emotion to write a song 3. Come up with a catchy chorus. 4. …

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get ya body to work as hard as ya soul and the mind will follow Not rated yet
it says it in the title have no tip for writing a song as everyone is different but i think that ya body i.e hands write the song so ya soul leads the …

Songwriting Styles Not rated yet
Listen to different styles, and pick 3-5 styles you would like to work with. Then listen to melodies that get you up and going. Pick a melody and add …

Write Down Your Feelings Not rated yet
I usually write down all my feelings and then I think about them and put them in sentences and sing them out. My mother noticed this cause I did this since …

Song writing Not rated yet
Wing it. Get an idea and start from there. If you get off track, thats okay. Its good to change or alter.If anything, you should be sure to have a remeberal …

Not Fair  Not rated yet
my way of writting songs is just say what's inside but use things that catches peoples eyes like for example my song is about how i gave evrything i had …

Can't think of anything Not rated yet
When you can't think of anyhting to write (happens to me all the time) think of something that's happening in your life. A bad breakup or homework.

5 steps to writing a song Not rated yet
1.) think of a theme. what do you wanna write about? 2.) think of a beat. make sure it goes with your theme. 3.) think of a chorus. 4.) are the …

Finding inspiration through other artists' work Not rated yet
never give up, i wanted to write a heavy metal song. So i got a title from an already made up heavy metal song (like kid rock did with sweet home alabama) …

Have fun writing songs Not rated yet
its not easy writing a song you may have something or dont.A new lyric and/or a new rythym.Like me for instants for some people - songs just come to them …

What u feel Not rated yet
just write what you feel, you WILL come up with somthing.

Writing Songs From The Heart Not rated yet
when your writing a song,sing from the heart.So if your having a hard time with something, sing about it.Just say what you think of it.

Keep The Beat Going Not rated yet
Keep the beat going , and and make the lyrics make sense

How friendship came to be  Not rated yet
I woould actually like to point out if it havent been for this site i wouldnt of gotten ideas for our song im in a group me and my friend kira are songwritter …

Jot down lyrics Not rated yet
I honestly dont know how to wright a song but i wrote a really good one with this method I made what i do is think of a genre of music u want to write …

Writing songs on life experience Not rated yet
If you want to wright a song a bout some thin is should be something you experienced in your life like if you want to write a son about sex u have had …

Freestyle Songwriting Not rated yet
Well you first find a topic, then get a beat, then freestyle with the melody and lyrics but keep your mind on the topic

Song writing tip Not rated yet
This helps me a lot, dont know about others. Here's my way. 1.forget everything about music theory. Treat it as trash. (i know lots will go mad) 2. …

What you need to write a song? Not rated yet
While working with other artists I usually just have conversation about the song as a whole. We can build from just laying a melody. A topic and melody …

stay focused when writing songs Not rated yet
one thing you must not do is get off task and try not to write something that doesnt make sense just because it sounds good .

Lyrics to melody Not rated yet
Adding lyrics to melody is simple. The first thing you do is get your melody. I usually get this by simply humming over a chord progression. As you get …

Tips for co-writing on songs Not rated yet
The first thing I ask when co-writing with another songwriter is "what's going on in your life right now?" "what is really effecting you emotionally?"....Then …

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