How To Write A Punk Song

how to write a punk songSo you want to know how to write a punk song?

Well it's time to grow a 3 foot mohawk, get yourself a pair of doc martins, find your scruffiest leather jacket and spray a big anarchy symbol all across the back because you're about to take down the government!

Whatever your reason for being angry, be it at your parents or society in whole, the protest song is exactly what Punk Rock is all about and below I will show you how to write a punk song.

10 Steps To Writing A Punk Song

  1. If you want to tell the world how angry you are or maybe just annoy your parents then Punk rock might be for you. First of all decide what your song is going to be about. Punk is rooted in working class culture and real life experiences so write about your day to day life.
  2. Use simple rhyming structures and slur your words to help even the loosest rhymes fit. Listen to Social Distortion or The Sex Pistols for examples.
  3. Once you have your lyrics decide how you want your song to develop. Punk is hard hitting so make the intro snappy and in your face.
  4. The chorus needs to be catchy. Incorporate lots of backing vocals ‘Woah’s tend to work well.
  5. Forget about over complicated guitar solos. Punk’s like it short and sweet.
  6. To get the perfect punk rock tone crank up the gain and treble settings on your amp.
  7. Wear your guitar strap low and use a one two – three picking style, also try palm muting.
  8. Punk guitar parts tend to be based around three chords so mess around with power chords and remember the faster the better.
  9. Drummers need to be able to keep up with the speed of the guitar’s so try a simple rock and roll beat but sped up faster than you would normally play, listen to The Ramones for inspiration. Bassist’s need to hold the song together when the guitar moves to lead parts. Remember that it doesn’t need to be complicated just passionate!
  10. Punk is about challenging rules and there are many different styles, so don’t be afraid to try something different, as long as the attitude is right then it’s still punk. So there you have it, how to write a punk song in 10 easy steps!
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