How To Write A Christian Song

This is your 10 step guide on how to write a Christian song. Learning to write a Christian song is easy, let me show you how.

How to write a Christian song.

  1. Christian music can be anything from gospel to rock to funk! With lots more in between. Decide what style of worship music you want to write in.
  2. Brainstorm ideas to write about. Will you write about how strong your faith is, how it has been tested, how others could benefit from faith or maybe about how your belief has helped you overcome some kind of tragedy in your life.
  3. Begin to pen some lyrics for your song, one method is to try and write in a story telling fashion. Deciding whether you want to write in past, present or future tense can also help you pin down your style.
  4. Think about your favorite Christian songs and how they work as pieces of music. Does a particular tune get stuck in your head or is there a particular lyric that sums up your faith? Try and emulate this in your own work.
  5. Think about structure of your song. Do you want many different verses with two lines staying the same throughout like in many traditional hymns?
  6. If your song is a in a gospel style think about how you are going to perform it. Will you have a central vocalist with backing singers? Or will it be a group piece?
  7. Maybe your song is more Christian Rock. If so think about guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, and how the drums and bass will work together for a heavy sound. Jamming can help.
  8. If the song is to be sung by a group rather than an individual make sure you write it that way. “We praise you Lord” rather than “I praise you lord.”
  9. Keep it simple. Too many words might lead to pronunciation problems and stop the congregation from singing the song as it was intended.
  10.  If your stuck, read the good book for some inspiration!
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