How To Sell Your Songs Online

In this article you will learn how to sell your songs online.

The Advantages Of Selling Your Songs Online

The biggest advantage of selling your music online is that you get to keep both the writer's share, as well as the publisher's share of the royalties that your song makes.

Besides this, the internet can potentially provide you with a vast and limitless audience for your sales pitch. It is entirely up to you how well you make your pitch, and convert your audience into customers.

Another advantage of selling music online is the ease with which you can provide downloads to your customers. With the concept of paid downloads, they don't need to wait for a CD to ship to them. They can hear the music near-instantaneously after making the payment.

Needless to say, this then is the crux of selling your music online; providing digital downloads of your work.

At this point you are wondering how to go about doing this. Read on.

One of the main reasons people have started selling digital downloads is that the set-up, maintenance and depreciation costs are almost NIL. Producing CDs, equipment maintenance and depreciation, investing in raw material, managing shipping logistics etc. is a tedious and costly affair. With digital downloads you only need to build good content for a website, which lasts forever.

Apart from this you need to upload your music either through a 3rd party e-store or through your own e-store, both of which are cheap, one-time cost affairs. With physical sales, you have to keep scaling up your production and logistics to keep up with increasing demand. With a digital store, you pay the same amount, regardless of whether you sell one copy or a million copies of your songs.

Now, let's get to the part you have been waiting for.

How To Sell Your Songs Online

What if you want to sell your music through your own website, and not through some other e-store?

That too is a possibility if you think you can market your website and generate enough page hits to sell your music. The procedure will be slightly different though.

If you are using WordPress to host your website, you are in luck. WordPress has its own in-house WordPress Store Plugin. You can upload your songs to your website in MP3 format, and sell digital downloads as well as art-work through the shopping cart created by the WordPress plugin. Your customers can pay by card or through Paypal. When the money is paid the customer gets a download link for downloading the music. This link will expire after a fixed amount of time or number of downloads. This prevents the link from being circulated around. The money gets credited to your bank account or Paypal account.

There are plenty of options for setting up e-stores on your website, if it isn't hosted on WordPress, depending on your location. E-Junkie is one which is widely used. It has the added functionality of storing your music on its servers instead of your website, which saves you server space.

You only need to pay once to set-up a WordPress store. E-junkie has an ongoing payment option. Any reputed e-store service will be good enough, and most of them offer the same set of features and payment options.

The one major disadvantage of selling your music on the network is that your music will get pirated easily. There is no real workaround to preventing your music from being shared across networks. You could try encrypting it or password protecting it, but your password too will get shared along with the file. Besides, these security features will only annoy your customers.

To conclude, in these days and times, it would be foolish to not sell digital downloads of your music online. Your music is going to end up online anyway, so you might as well make a few fans (and dollars) out of it. With the correct social media and industry marketing, you too can successfully learn how to sell your music online.   

How to sell your music

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