How to right a song from your heart

by Bianca

The best way to learn how to right your own song is to right about what you love, it might be saying good times with family, friends and other close people you might really like, or even, maybe your crush or someone you want to admit to them that you like.

Have a song that has words that you've wanted to say or that you wanted to yell out to people about your feelings, its always best that way and people will truly know that, with the right words, emotions and descriptions, listeners will know that you mean those feelings. That's what I would do if I were a famous songwriter, and if I were writing a song for someone else as a gift, or for something that you offered to help out with, then say the great things about them in that special song your going to write and if its for someone you have a big crush on and you really want to show you their feelings for them, then the best way to show your feelings to them is to put in the song you are composing, to say what you love about them and why, and why you two should be together.

A song will always lighten up someone any day, no matter what has happened! So, this is a lesson learned!
If our going to compose a song, then make sure you have your emotions. So if you follow your heart and pour your emotions in it, I promise you, that the song you right will touch the hearts that you want it to touch. It'll be to those listeners, like a hand for their next step in life.

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