How To Publish Your Songs

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If you want to know how to publish your songs then you have come to the right place. In this article I will explain to you in detail the simple steps you must take in order to get a song published.

Now, don't get me wrong, getting a song published is no easy task. But if your music is good enough and you follow my steps there is no reason why you will not succeed.

How To Publish Your Songs

song writing tipsYou've put the hours in writing, recording, overdubbing, editing, mixing and mastering; now it's time to start on the road to getting published.

Every successful songwriter will have a different story to tell about how they got their break. And what worked for one person won't necessarily work for another so for you it really is a matter of trial and error and perseverance. The important thing to do is stay focused on your goal.

But remember, as Ursula K. LeGuin said, "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end".

So don't get bogged down by the finishing line, enjoy the ride, and follow these song writing tips :)

  1. Pick Your Destination - You wouldn't just get in your car and start randomly driving to no particular place would you? Well then why do the same with your career? It's time to be decisive and choose what role you want to play within the music industry; this will help you map out what road to follow in achieving your dreams.

    For a description of the different jobs a songwriter can have within the industry check out this article.
  2. Follow The Right Road - Now that you know what your final destination is it's time to map out your journey. Below is some general guidelines for advancement in popular areas:
    • Performing Singer/Songwriter - you need to take the traditional route; get writing, get gigging, get recording, get manager, get signed or self release, sell albums and tour.
    • Freelance - most freelance writers have a home studio setup, they write and record from home, send demo's to publishing companies, producers, artists managers, songpluggers etc.
    • Producer/Songwriter - when pursuing a career as producer/songwriter people tend to follow one of two roads. The first roads being; go to college, get a degree in music technology, get an internship, and get a job in music production. The second road is more of the hands on approach involving; teaching yourself, working with bands from your home studio or as an apprentice in a professional studio.
  3. Keep On Truckin' - If you don't believe in yourself then no-one else will so most importantly, believe in your talent, never stop practicing and improving your skills and most importantly keep on truckin', you will get there eventually.

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