How To Publish Music Online

Which websites are best?

So, you have finally composed a musical score, and it sounds great to you. You have recorded a few demos and even your friends say it sounds good. Now you are stuck with the hard part; getting a recording label or a music publisher interested in your demos.

But you don’t know anyone in the industry, and you don’t think you can spend $300 an hour on an entertainment attorney to help you.

Neither do you have the resources to produce a thousand copies of your CDs and distribute them to retail stores.

So what do you do?

Sell your music online of course!  

While selling music on the internet hasn’t worked for major recording labels, for independent artists, it is the way to go. There are many websites where you can put up your wares for display to potentially thousands of people! Some of them will even pay you to upload your music for free!

So let us take a look at the things you need to do to publish your music online.

  1. Format
    Most websites accept uploads in the popular MP3 format. So you need to convert your music into the MP3 format, popularly known as ripping your songs. If you compress your songs at 128kbps or higher, making sure that the audio format is in stereo, you will have pretty good quality songs that are also not too large sized. Popular websites like will provide you with software that can both play MP3 and rip files into MP3 format, for free.
  2. Signup
    Next you sign up at a popular music sharing website. You have to sign an agreement which will give the website the rights to distribute and sell your music, non-exclusive, of course. Read the contract thoroughly, though most of them say the same thing.
  3. Upload
    Upload each of your MP3 tracks to the website. You can have some artwork as well to go with the songs and album. Once you are finished uploading, make sure you choose the right genre and sub-genre for your song. You can then write what the album is about as well as name the people who have contributed on the project with you etc. Once the website clears your MP3s (can take three to four days) your songs go live!
  4. Customize
    Every artist who signs up usually gets his own page on the website. Make sure it is interesting, with some nice art-work. Place appropriate call-to-actions encouraging people to buy your music, but don’t sound desperate or pushy.
  5. Ring up the Register!
    There are two ways of making money. One is making CDs of your work, and selling them through the website. You will usually get to keep 50% of the retail price of the CD, which is a pretty good deal.

    Secondly, the website pays out money to its top artists from the revenue it earns through selling ads, licensing songs etc. There will be qualification criteria for how many times your song must be played each month for you to be considered for the pool. However, since there are many artist and songs in the database, your song will have to earn a lot of hits for any of that pot of money to reach you.

To sum it up, publishing your music online is as easy as ABC. If your music goes viral, there is a lot of money to be made. With the right marketing, and clever use of social media, you can sell your music. Uploading your music to a website is a good way to store it, and a great way to link people to your work. Besides you also get a page with a URL that you can send to people. 

You can check out some of these websites to publish your music online:

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