How To Market Your Songs

How To Market Your Songs

In a nutshell music marketing is all about attracting more fans. Attracting more fans means more people will buy your CDs, come to your shows, and spread the word to their friends.

Below we will take a look at some creative music marketing strategies to help you expand your fan base and improve your popularity.

How To Market Your Songs

1. Social Networking - take advantage of free promotion services such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube etc... With these services you have access to millions of potential fans and to not crack into these potential fans is frankly a stupid move.

But remember before you put any of your songs out into the public domain make sure you have your music copyrighted.

2. Create A Brand - To be taking serious within the music industry you must not only have great music but also present a professional image. This means getting professional band/artist photos taken, creating a logo for your band (this should be used on your MySpace page, YouTube Channel etc...) and creating a style and image for the band members.

3. Live Shows - Get gigging as much as you can in as many different places as you can. Doing this along with your social networking pursuits will gradually build up your fan base. And record labels love to sign bands that have already created a buzz and following of some sort.

Music Marketing Manifesto4. Read The Music Marketing Manifesto - If you are serious about marketing your music then you have to check this out.

The music marketing manifesto is a great resource that contains advanced strategies, tactics and tips for selling your music on the internet.

It is written by major label recording artist John Oszajca.

The following link will take you to this great resource.

"Go To The Music Marketing Manifesto"

5. Free Downloads - A great promotional strategy is to give away free downloads of your music: This is the second most desired type of music consumption today, whether it be downloaded legally or illegally so jump on board.

6. Free CD'S - Sending out your CD to record labels, music publishers and artist managers is part of the process toward getting signed. It can be time consuming and costly but is worth the energy.

7. Join The Music Marketing Classroom - The music marketing classroom is a cutting edge system that teaches you a step-by-step formula for creating a mountain of new fans!

The following link will take you to the music marketing classroom where you can learn this great formula.

"Go To The Music Marketing Classroom"

8. Create Your Own Artist Website - You need to set up your own artist website providing tour dates, artist photos, news and a place to purchase music and merchandise.

9. Create A Press Kit - If you are choosing to do your own publicity then you must create a press kit which contains the following:

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