how i write a song

by vanessa papworth

Step 1:

to start with get a sheet of scrap paper, and write down what u want to write your song about(love, breakups, friendships etc.)

Step 2:
start putting dot points down. just like line ideas u could use. or a sentence to explain what u are writing about. as soon as you think of a line even if you dont think it is very good at the time still write it down because later you can change it around abit. when you do think of a line dont just keep thining about it and changing it in your mind because youll forget about it.

tip: the easiest way to write music is to not think about it too much. sometimes when you are watching tv or going for a jog you think of a line.

step 3:
think of a chourd progression. you could have one that changes through out the song, or you can just have the same chourds the whole song.

step 4:
start thinking of a melody. just start humming things that it could be. play your chords that you have come up with and hum lyrics eventually it will come to you.

step 5:
start putting together your dot points into verses, choruses, and a bridge (optional). highlight your favrouite lines out of your dot points and put them together.

step 6:
enjoy the song you wrote. dont be afraid to perform it.

i hope that this helps for everyone. this is the way i write music. there are a lot of ways other people do it. there is never a wrong or right way to write music.

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