Home Recording Studio Computer - Mac or PC?

Picking the right home recording studio computer is a very important decision you need to make when building a home recording studio.

There is a constant debate going on between music producers, musicians and songwriters. Which studio computer to get; Mac or PC?

Go on to any music related forum and you are guaranteed to find an argument regarding which makes the best home recording studio computer, PC or Mac.

In order to help you decide which to get for your own home recording studio I have written a total non-biased list below of the benefits of each.

Benefits of using a Mac: mac or pc

Benefits of using a PC: pc or mac

The Main Differences Between PC and Mac

At the end of the day a Mac and a PC are very similar, they are both computers after all! They will both work perfectly as a home recording studio computer but do have differences. The main differences would have to be: 1. The Operating System 2. The Hardware

1. The Operating System - One of the first things you notice when switching between a Mac and a PC is the operating system. PC's use windows, while a Mac uses OS X. In my opinion they are both great operating software but they do both function differently. OS X tends to be a bit more sleek and user friendly, although the new additions to windows 7 also improved this for windows. It really boils down to which operating system works best for you and which one you find works best as your home recording computer.

2. The Hardware - PC's are totally customizable which means they're great to use as o home recording studio computer. If you need more ram, memory, faster processors etc. it is just a matter of replacing your old ones. Sadly Mac's don't have this same advantage which means you get what you get and your stuck with that setup for life.

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