Harmony In Music

This section will teach you everything you need to know about harmony in music.

So what exactly is musical harmony? Well, if you were to look at a dictionaries definition of harmony you would probably find something like this:

  1. The simultaneous sounding of two or more tones, esp. when satisfying to the ear
  2. Structure in terms of the arrangement, modulation, etc. of chords

So if we were to simplify harmony even more we could define it as the structure, relationship and progression of chords within a song.

And if you look at the three main components of a song which are harmony, melody and lyrics, you can see just how important harmony is in songwriting.

Harmony is what brings a song to life. Think of a plain melody and lyric as a black and white sketch, add harmony and you have yourself a full-color painting. So master writing great harmonies and you're one third of the way to writing great songs.

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