Free Songwriting Contest - Is There Any?

Are you looking for a free songwriting contest? Have you been searching through the internet but to no avail. Well your not the only one. Many songwriters have been searching for a free song writing contest.

Well I'm sorry, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there isn't any, not that I've ever seen anyway.

The reason I wrote this page is because of the huge amount of e-mails I've received off people who are looking for free contests.

Everyone wants something for nothing these days but it's important to understand why you have to pay for song writing competitions. It is due to the huge amount of work that's involved in listening to thousands of recordings and then critiquing them all.

Also, putting an entry fee on song competitions stops beginner songwriters that aren't serious about the craft from over flooding the critiquing team and judges, helping them do a better job for the people that are serious.

If you think about it, paying $30 or whatever it is as an entry fee isn't a lot of money when you think about the amount of work that goes into running these contests.

Most of the good competitions have a lot of valuable prizes, and some extremely famous judges. They have top pay for them somehow! Getting your songs out into the world for a mere few dollars is a well spent investment if you ask me.

If anyone does find some free song writing contests please contact World Of and we will happily post the links here.

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