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If you're happy to write your songs using a computer at hand then an online, free rhyming dictionary is for you.

And thanks to the vast and wonderful world wide web there is not only one free online rhyming dictionary for you to choose from, but many.

Even though they pretty much all do the same job; find you rhymes. They do differ slightly so I just thought I'd list them all and you can choose for yourself which one you like the most (it's always nice to have an option isn't it).

As well as online rhyming dictionaries there is also a couple of free rhyming dictionary apps worth checking out so I have listed them as well. Therefore, whether you like working with a laptop or smart device, there's a free rhyming dictionary to suit your needs.

Free Rhyming Dictionaries Online... is a great free online rhyming dictionary which has plenty of notable features such as: tries to be a bit more user friendly as the entire site can be customized. Personally, I don't really know why you would want to but hey, "whatever floats your boat". Some of RhymeZones features are: is a simple and easy to use free online rhyming dictionary. It has the following features:

As well as these features it also provides short phrases, which is a handy feature if your in need of some inspiration.

Poetry4Kids differs from the other online rhyming dictionaries because it is designed primarily for kids. This means the rhyme results are words which are more kid friendly.

For instance, if you were to rhyme the word 'cool' you would get results such as 'rule', 'school', 'cruel' and 'fool'. Very basic words from the English language but sometimes that's all you need. You should give it a try, it might put a spin on some of your rhymes.

Free Rhyming Dictionary Apps...

RhymeNow Free Edition

rhymenow songwriting apprhymenow free rhyming dictionary apprhyme now appRhymeNow Free Edition is probably my favorite of the rhyming apps. It's just nice and easy to use with a simple, no fuss interface.

You just type in the word you want rhymes for and the results appear below. Categorized by number of syllables.

Songwriter's Pad LE

songwriters pad appSongwriter's Pad LE is much more than just a rhyming dictionary app. It has a host of features to help you with your lyric writing. It includes a dictionary, rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, an ideas generator and more.

The paid version will cost you $14.99. But thankfully if it's just a rhyming dictionary your after, it is included in the free version of the app.

Do you know of a Free Rhyming Dictionary?

If you know of any other free rhyming dictionaries, either online or apps, please contact me and let me know of them, as long as they are worthy I will be happy to post a link.

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