Finale SongWriter 2010 Review

Finale SongWriter 2010 follows in the footsteps of its illustrious predecessors, packing in enough new features which make it worthwhile to update, while still keeping the learning curve from getting too steep.

Finale SongWriter 2010 Review

Finale SongWriter 2010 Review Finale Songwriter 2010 lets you write your music, play it back, print out sheet music, share your songs with people, and also lets you save your songs to your iPod. 

Finale Songwriter 2010 does all of this from within its popular and easy-to-use interface which promises to allow you to spend your time making music, rather than learning software. It is this interface which has made Finale, one of the world’s most popular music-notation software. It is an ideal tool for music composers from band directors to church choirs and from songwriters to school students.

For its price, Finale SongWriter 2010 comes packed with a plethora of features. The Setup Wizard lets you customize the look of your music sheet. If you do not own a MIDI Keyboard, it has functionality in built which allows you to write notes using a standard mouse or keyboard.

Featuring Simple Note Entry which lets you just grab any note and place it on the staff, song writing is a breeze. If you have a MIDI keyboard just select the note value using your numeric keypad, and play the note on the keyboard to automatically place the note on the staff. You can even vary the pitch of the notes until you find the one you like.

Finale Songwriter 2010 recognizes different tempos, chords, and fretboard arrangements. It can also differentiate between different verses of your lyrics. With Finale SongWriter 2010, adding two or three voice harmony to your composition is a breeze. You can add drum parts instantly. What’s more, using the Hyperscribe feature, you can start up a metronome and instantly play a part into the program.

Finale Songwriter 2010 features a Mixer that was not available in previous version. The Mixer lets you control each staff by providing functions for controlling volume, and panning, as well as options like mute, solo, or record.  

With Finale Songwriter 2010, you can hear your composition instantly, thanks to advanced features like Human Playback. There are a multitude of Reverb options also available. You can also process MIDI files, and can create MP3s. When you are finished, simply save your work in the Finale file format and share it with colleagues, friends or family. They can listen to your music by simply downloading the free Finale Reader software. You can even post your music to Finale Showcase where people can see and hear your music.

For the features that it packs in, Finale Songwriter 2010 is worth every penny. In spite of this, there is a 30 day full version trial available, so that you can try before you buy. Finale Songwriter 2010 is the answer to most people’s requirements when it comes to writing sheet music.

System Requirements
Platform – Windows XP/ Windows Vista / Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4-10.6
Hardware - 256 MB Ram, Sound Card
Media - CD-ROM

License pricing – Standard
License Type - Complete package
License Qty - 1 nos.

Product Details
Package Quantity – 1 nos.
Product Dimensions - 7.5” x 5.3” x 1.3”
Shipping Weight - 3.2 ounces

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