Elements Of A Successful Song

Welcome to elements of a successful song. This article will answer some common song writing questions such as;

These are all common questions asked by songwriters all around the world every day. And the answer to the question is that there's no magic formula, trust me I've looked, but there is however certain elements that all successful songs have in common.

So what are the elements of successful songs?

elements of a successful song

1. Intro - Short and sweet works best. Keeping your intro below 20 seconds is a common trait amongst popular songs.

2. An Identifiable Lyric Subject - It is important that your listeners can relate to your lyrics.

3. Memorable Title - If you have a title that's unique people will find it easier to remember your song.

4. Catchy Chorus - The chorus is your songs selling point so make it powerful. The sooner the chorus hits your listeners ears the better.

5. Hooks - Hooks are the parts of your song that people remember and sing along to. These can be guitar riffs, piano riffs, vocal lines etc.

6. Song Length - For radio air play reasons most successful songs are kept below 4 minutes.

7. Powerful Vocal Delivery - The voice is the most dominant instrument, especially within commercial songs (i.e. pop songs) so a powerful vocal delivery is very important.


After you analyze the elements of a successful song, remember that just because you follow these guidelines does not mean your song will be successful, you have to use your own judgment as to what you think will work best.

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