Drums and Rhythm For The Songwriter

This article will teach the songwriter the importance of drums and rhythm in their songs.

A hot drum rhythm means you will have a great groove to the song, which is important if you really want to make your song infectious and get people moving.

That may seem like over simplifying, but if you really understand what makes the rhythm, you will understand the importance of the drums.

definition of rhythmRhythm has three important aspects to it:

After having a closer look at these, you will understand why drums and rhythm play such an important role in songwriting.

The Basics of Drum Rhythm

Time Signature

The time signature of a song tells you how many beats there are per bar, as well as the duration of the bar. The most commonly used time, appropriately referred to as Common Time, is 4/4.


So if we use common time 4/4 as an example, you will see that there are 4 beats in a bar, which makes each beat a 1/4 note.


The tempo is how fast the song is and is measured in BPM (beats per minute). As a rough guide:


The main beat of a song is referred to as the pulse, and it is usually provided by the bass drum. This varies from song to song, but below are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

Now, understanding the basic components of drums and rhythm, it is clear that keeping time is vital to the songwriting process. The drums not only set the pulse of the song, but also the time signature and the tempo. This holds the song together and keeps everything running fluidly.

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