California Music Production Schools

A list of the best colleges in California for music production

california music production schoolsOn this page you will find a list of the best Best California Music Production Schools.

Music Production courses not only allow a student to learn the musical and technical skills required to get into music production but also teach the nuances of the business part of the industry. 

Therefore it is essential that music production courses that you sign up for offer modules not only in sound engineering, but also in areas such as corporate communications and finances.

Different Types of Credits

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree programs in music production are of 4-year duration. You can expect to learn more about the business side of the industry in the 4-year program, thanks to its comprehensive bouquet of business courses. You can also explore subjects in more depth which may be required to gain specialized knowledge in subjects such as mixing, harmonizing, mastering etc.

Associate’s degree

Associate’s degree programs are of 2-year duration. These focus more on technical skills required for sound engineering. Students may also be required to take general classes in business management, law, humanities and social science. Accelerated associate’s degree programs can be completed in 1 year.

When selecting a music school, make sure that it has the necessary infrastructure in terms of equipment, studio and other computer hardware and software since these elements are now an important part of music production. Also look for courses which offer you internships or require you to a capstone project.

List of California Music Production Schools

Let us now take a look at some of the popular California Music Production Schools which will take you where you want to go with your music career.

Stanford University

When it comes to Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Stanford University’s Bachelor of Arts in Music tops every list. The Dept. of Music offers specialization in specific areas such as Performances, Composition, and Conducting as well as a general degree in Music in areas such as Composition, History, Theory etc.  The program is focused on Western Classical music. There is also a specialization offered in Science and Technology which focuses on the media used for music production.


UCLA’s Bachelor of Arts in Music program is another popular music production course. It offers specialization in Composition, Teaching and Performance. This course is offered by the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. The infrastructure at UCLA is renowned and students can expect to have top-notch studio and jamming rooms. You can take up a job as a music teacher if you are so inclined, at the end of the course.

Master’s Degree programs

Apart from these two Bachelor Degree programs, there are a couple of Master’s Degree programs that prospective students should look at, if they already hold a Bachelor’s degree in any domain. 

The California Music Production Schools which offer a master's degree program are as follows:

San Francisco State University

The Master of Arts in Music offered by San Francisco State University  offers specialization in a wide range of subjects such as Education, History, Composition, Classical, Chamber Music, Performance, Conducting etc.  Auditions may be required to enroll. The highlight of this course is the Music Education course which allows you to either prepare for a career as a teacher in K-12 or go for a doctorate.


Apart from this the University of California – Irvine offers a Master of Fine Arts in Music. The subjects of specialization are highly technical such as Piano and Choral Conducting, Improvisation, Technology, Vocals, Instrumental Performance, Integrated Composition, Conducting etc. Auditions are required, as also a strong knowledge of music history. As a part of the course you will be required to participate in public performances as well as develop proficiency in a foreign language.   

Doctoral Programs

Stanford University

For those looking for Doctoral Programs, the Doctor of Musical Arts course from Stanford University is available. It offers specialization in areas such as Musicology, Music Theory and Acoustics, and Composition. For those looking to be professional composers, this course is ideal.


UCLA – Los Angeles also offers a DMA with areas of specialization like Classical Instruments, Vocals, Conducting, Composition and Performance. Auditions are compulsory. You can expect to learn the entire gamut of music production from writing music, to composing music to be performed in concerts to music performance. You will be required to compose an original work to graduate.

Apart from the list given above, you should also check out the following California Music Production Schools.

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