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The on going debate continues. What is the best home recording software out there?

Everyone musician/songwriter/producer has their own preference so will there ever be just the one "best". Well this is where we're going to find out once and for all.

Instead of me just telling you what I think is the best, lets let the people decide. Take the poll up above and have your say.

Every vote counts, we want as many musicians/songwriters/producers opinions, so please take the time to choose your favorite multitrack recording software from the poll above.

If you want to see the polls current results just click the "view results" button.

Best Home Recording Software - The Top 3

The results are in! Here is the top 3 as voted by you, the world of visitors. This list is constantly being updated relative to the above poll results so be sure to check back and see what the songwriting community is saying.

Last Update 22nd June 2014

#1 Pro Tools

Pro Tools

Well no surprise here. Pro Tools takes the top spot once again and if you've used it you'd agree it really is a great piece of kit.

And even if you haven't used it before I'm sure you have still heard of Pro Tools' name being mentioned a lot. Well that's for a good reason.

Pro Tools (often referred to as the professionals choice) is the industry standard for multi track recording software.

It has 2 versions, HD and LE.

HD is what the top professional studios use; it is much more expensive because it comes with its own hardware (Computer, Mixer etc).

On the flip side, LE is software that you install on your PC or laptop. It is priced very reasonably for what you get. This makes it perfect for the home recording enthusiast.

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#2 Cubase


Coming in second is Cubase.

Cubase was the first home recording software I ever used so I have a little affection towards it; you never forget your first :)

Most home recording software uses the same interface so if you can use one then you can use any of them. The skills you learn using one are all transferable. The main difference is the look and feel of the interface and the plug-in's supplied with each.

This is where cubase maybe lacks a bit, the plug-in's supplied aren't great but the interface is nice and user friendly.

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#3 Sonar


In third place, Sonar. Sonar is another great multi tracking software package and just like the others there is no real difference except for the interface. It really is personal preference which one you choose as they tend to do the same job; it's just the workspace that differs.

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