Best Country Songwriters

Best Country Songwriters

Country music is one of the most popular styles of American music. The era of country music began in the year 1920 in southern United States. Country music became popular in the 1940's. Some of the best country song writers are:

Merle Haggard
One of the biggest living country song artists Merle Haggard is also a famous songwriter of country music, in fact one of the best. Haggard along with his band “the strangers” created a Genre of country music called Bakersfield sound in the mid 1950’s. Haggard was awarded life time achievement award from the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in the year 2010.

Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash, ‘The Man in Black” as he liked to call himself, was not only an actor, singer and author but also a songwriter. Cash had a strong compassion for prisoners and so most of his concerts took place in prisons. Johnny cash was no ordinary man, he was the recipient of three major music hall of fame records: The Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1977), The Country Music Hall of Fame (1980), and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame(1992).

Waylon Arnold Jennings
Waylon Jennings started out as a bassist and became a very famous Country musician, singer and songwriter. Waylon was a big influence for artists and to prove their undying gratitude to him a three disc collection is being released, Volume I of which is available in the market.

Dolly Parton
Popularly known as “The Queen of Country Music,” Dolly Rebecca Parton is the most famous and successful female country Music singer-songwriter till date. Parton has been writing songs since the age of seven and she acclaimed in a TV show that she has written around 3000 songs. In the year 2006 Parton was awarded with “Kennedy Center honors” from the “John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.”

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best country song writers. If you feel I should add to the list of best country songwriters then why not contact me and have your input.

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