Audio School Online - The Top 3

Audio School Online - The Top 3

For those of us that work full time, going back to college to study audio production is not an option. Thankfully though, the online world has opened up many avenues to the would be learner.

The internet is an information rich source for anyone looking to learn new skills. The method of learning can range from free information websites (such as this one) to accredited audio school online colleges offering degrees, diplomas and certificates in your chosen area (which in our case is music production).

For those of you who have never thought about studying at an audio school online below is a list of some of the great advantages which might give you that push you need to give it a try.

The advantages of studying music technology at an audio school online rather than a music college:

After building a home recording studio but not really knowing how to get the best out of it all of these reasons rang home for me which is why I decided to begin my quest of finding the best audio school online to master the art of music production. Furthermore, I'm guessing you too want to find the best audio school online, that's why you're on this web page, right? So let's get started.

Well, first of all, instead of picking one outright audio school online as "the best" I have picked three. My reasoning for picking three online audio schools? Well, different colleges suit different people and their needs, so being the good bloke that I am I wanted to try and accommodate each individual. As a result I will tell you about 3 different online audio schools. Each one catering for different peoples needs and financial circumstances. They are as follows:

1. The BAM Audio School

Price - (Free)

Accreditation - (None)

Best Suited To - Home Recording Hobbyists, People With No Funds

bruce a millerWhen I first found this website by Bruce A Miller I couldn't believe it (for those of you who don't know who Bruce A Miller is he is a top music producer having worked on dozens of gold, platinum and Grammy winning records).

He has worked with some of the best recording artists in the world including White Stripes, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Yes, Miles Davis, Dave Mathews and many, many more. He has put together a fabulous website in his spare time which is basically a free music production course which covers everything to do with music technology.

Below is a list of the modules he offers:

  1. Sound & Technology
  2. The Evolution Of Recording
  3. Audio Production Tools
  4. Basic Music For Musicians
  5. How People Use Music
  6. The Studio
  7. Recording
  8. Editing
  9. Processing & Effects
  10. Mixing
  11. Mastering
  12. Output
  13. Audio Production Roles
  14. Audio Jobs
  15. Producing
  16. Business
  17. Guerilla Recording
  18. For Musicians
  19. Other

As you can see Bruce covers everything to do with music production, so if you are interested in learning all about music production then his free course is definitely worth checking out. You can visit his website "The BAM Audio School" here.


2. Online Audio School

Price - ($399)

Accreditation - Certificate

Best Suited To - People Who Want To Learn Using Methods Other Than Text & Videos As This Course Is Interactive, People With A Small Amount Of Funds

The Online Audio School was set up by Daniel Rowland a Music Producer/Engineer. He has a degree in music technology and a masters in recording arts and technology. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, he is also a certified Pro Tools trainer.

His website, The Online Audio School, allows you to see exactly how he works around a sequencer and mixing desk in real time (it's a live feed straight from his screen onto your computer).

On top of that you get to ask questions via a headphone and microphone plugged into your computer or by using an on screen chat applet. These features give you the feeling of being in a classroom amongst it rather than the distance sometimes felt while reading text or watching videos. He offers the following courses:

With the private classes you can send him your own demos and he will work through them with you, helping you edit, record or mix your music to a professional standard. Shoot over to The Online Audio School and check out for yourself what he has to offer.


3. Berklee College Of Music

Price - ($1,200 - $16,000)

Accreditation - Certificate

Best Suited To - Serious Musicians Who Want To Work Professionally In The Music Industry, People Willing To Spend A Little Extra

Berklee College Of Music has to be one of the most famous independent music schools in the world. To date, a total number of 87 Berklee alumni have received 205 Grammy Awards between them. It shows you the calibre and maybe justifies some of their courses heavy price tags...maybe. Although it's campus is in Boston, Massachusetts they have an award winning "online campus".

Since 2005 they have won awards for their state of their art online learning techniques and in depth course material. The courses cover over 150 different different topics ranging from songwriting to music production. Some very famous names have passed through the Berklee College Of Music's Doors including Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Steven Tyler, Steve Vai and many more. These are musicians that really know how to write great songs and record big hits.

It really is a great audio school online and if you can afford it then you should definitely take the music production course there.

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