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My name is Craig Spain and I am a musician/songwriter who has had 2 successful songs in the charts.

craig spain liveFor people who don't know much about the industry, this means that as well as the many hours spent in recording studios and band rehearsals, I have also been involved in: radio & TV interviews, live performances, music videos, photo shoots, and in-store signings. Not to mention the business side of things (dealing with managers, record labels, recording contracts, managers, and royalty payments).

The whirlwind media train is one hell of a ride! Living the “dream” sometimes involved touring the country (which really meant 4 smelly blokes cramped in the back of a high ace van), playing live (waiting around for what seemed like days on end between sound checks and gig time), and killing time eating “delicious” food (usually shitty take out and beer)…..

I can't complain though, looking back, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. Over the years I have learnt so much about the real music industry. Within the pages of this site, I will share with you everything I learnt along the way.

Although I have decided to focus on my career as a carpenter rather than continue life on the road with the band, I will never stop song writing. Once you begin and get a feel for it, it becomes an obsessive and rewarding addiction. I truly believe that anyone can write a successful song!

My experience and passion for songwriting has driven me to create this website. I have had great feedback from people who have used my easy to follow guides to create their very first song!

And remember, if you have any specific questions about anything related to song writing, you can contact me personally here. I am here to help you throughout the entire process.

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